Our electrical experts have years of experience in design, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems. Electrical failures can cause serious personal injury (and death), as well as fires and explosions. Power storage and delivery systems, appliances, computers, toys and electrical equipment change rapidly, so it is little wonder that courts require experts with specialized knowledge and experience in order to determine the cause of electrical failures.

Types of investigations
  • Residential, industrial and commercial electrical systems and equipment failures
  • Battery and power storage failures
  • Photovoltaic, wind generator and hydroelectric failures
  • Power surges, brown/black-outs and floating/open neutral failures
  • Renewable energy equipment failures
  • Lightning strike damage
  • Lightning protection system design
  • Fire, CO, burglary, fixed suppression systems failures
  • Canadian/Ontario electrical codes and standards compliance
  • Underground and overhead high voltage failures
  • Transformer, switchgear, panelboard, generator and electric motor failures
  • Appliances and electronics failures
  • Shock and electrocution incident analysis
  • Non-destructive analysis through x-ray imaging
  • Electrical arcing or fire damage