Environmental Remediation

Our experts will complete an in-depth inspection to locate the origin and cause of the environmental contamination. The contamination can be fuel oil, mould, or asbestos. We will prepare a scope of work for removal of the contamination, repair of damages and final clean up of the site. We are experts at ensuring that your site is clean in accordance to regulations and standards after all remediation work is completed.

Types of investigations
  • Mould and air quality sampling
  • Independent laboratory testing
  • Abatement and remediation protocols
  • Cause and origin of environmental contamination
  • Mould, fugitive liquid and moisture surveys
  • Air quality investigations
  • Fuel oil spill investigations and remediation protocols
  • Underground tanks
  • Hazardous materials evaluation
  • Microbial influenced corrosion
  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear safety and response

Experts In This Field