Fire & Explosion Investigation

Our fire and explosion experts have the technical knowledge and years of experience required to accurately analyze complex incidents. All investigations are based on NFPA 921, ‘Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations’ and sound engineering practice. We conduct thorough investigations with meticulous documentation of physical evidence from the scene, followed by concise reports.

Types of investigations
  • Residential, commercial, industrial and institutional fires and explosions
  • Boat, vessel, automobile, trucks, heavy equipment, farm equipment and recreational vehicle (motor home) fires and explosions
  • Specialized machinery fires and explosions
  • Gaseous explosions and BLEVEs
  • Production equipment and appliance failures
  • Natural gas, propane and methane equipment failures
  • Kerosene, diesel and fuel oil equipment failuresv
  • Agricultural harvesting and drying equipment failures
  • Structural integrity evaluations
  • Computer fire modelling of the propagation and intensity of fires
  • Fire and building codes and standards assessments

Experts In This Field