Jan 06, 2022

Forensic Investigators in Vancouver

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According to the World Health Organization, over one million people get involved in various accidents each year. At the same time, many crimes are also increasing worldwide despite strict law enforcement. This means that these unfortunate incidents are usually unpredictable, if not inevitable.

When you’re caught unprepared for the worst-case scenario, you won’t not only suffer from possible injuries or damage to property but also face legal liabilities. In this case, the role of forensic investigators is significant. These professionals are trained to gather and analyze crime-scene evidence used in litigation.

Whether you’re at fault or an aggrieved party, you might need an independent forensic investigator to defend your case. You seriously need evidence to show that you are innocent or that the crime was perpetrated without your participation whatsoever. This proof can absolve you from penalty or mitigate any criminal or civil liability arising from the accident. In other words, you need a licensed forensic investigator when there’s a question of accountability and liability in the crime or accident where you’re involved. 

There are many aspects of forensic investigation. So, you must understand how the whole profession can be applied in your case. Here, you will learn about forensic investigators and all other essential facts. This would guide you in hiring the most competent professional in Vancouver or any place you may be.

Understanding the Role of Forensic Investigator 

A forensic investigator gathers and establishes evidence for litigation based on scientific methods. This professional can examine physical and digital evidence, including all information admissible in court. Evidence is used to identify remains and reconstruct a crime or determine the composition of the substance in question.

The evidence that a forensic investigator has established can be utilized in both civil and criminal litigations. Whether this person is employed in the government organization in the private sector, they will usually produce evidence in litigation as expert witnesses. Generally, these are the roles performed by the forensic investigator: 

As you have probably noticed, the forensic investigator is often portrayed in movies and prime-time television dramas. Their usual role is solving mysteries surrounding the crime and helping bring the bad guys to justice. The irony is that real-life cases are never solved in an hour, as they are on TV. Forensic investigator jobs are more challenging and exciting than fiction in real life. 

Why Do You Need a Forensic Investigator? 

In solving crimes and aiding litigation, the role of forensic investigators is significant. The evidence that these professionals gather and establish can shed light on the matters that need clarity. They can help bring about justice, in other words. So, that means if you’re involved in an accident or a crime, you might need one to resolve your case. Here are a few scenarios that you need a forensic investigator:

If you are a business owner

Any legal issues relating to employees or accidents in the vicinity would generally require an expert investigator to identify the party at fault. That’s why many companies and employers often use corporate investigations because they can help solve many problems. These usually include intellectual property issues, sexual harassment issues, stolen customer information, Internet abuse, and lawsuits from disgruntled employees. In case of building accidents, forensic investigators can also gather evidence to determine the cause and the people involved. 

If you have been accused of a crime

When accidents happen, you might be accused of reckless imprudence resulting in injury or damage to property. Or, when a theft was consummated, you might be accused of having participated as an accessory. Whether you’re guilty or not, these accusations can lead to paying fines or serving a penalty. Most people who have been in this situation would decide to hire an independent forensic investigator to defend their case. It’s because relying on police reports can sometimes complicate the case. The most efficient way to clear your name is to allow a professional and unbiased source to gather evidence. 

If you have been the victim of a crime

There are only two positions you might be in any crime: a perpetrator or a victim. There are times when you’re an aggrieved party, but getting justice can seem to be an overwhelming challenge in court. This happens when the perpetrator does not admit guilt to avoid legal consequences. Although the justice system works pretty well in most cases, it’s wise not to rely on government authorities sometimes. If you doubt the capacity of law enforcers, you can always consider a private forensic investigator to gather unbiased proof to get a fair resolution. Evidence found by this professional is reliable and tenable in court. 

If your spouse is cheating on you

Do you suspect that your spouse is having an illicit affair? Or have you heard rumours that there’s infidelity going on? It’s a severe problem that should be handled legitimately. You can hire a specialized investigator to determine whether your suspicion is true or not. This professional can verify your spouse’s actions through surveillance, voicemails, and email, to get the compensation you need. 

Why Is An Independent Investigator Important? 

All police forces have a forensic team on staff. These investigators often handle multiple cases at once. But again, you don’t have to rely on these people when you’re in doubt about the outcomes. You can hire your investigator to ensure that your case is at the forefront. This expert can continue a thorough investigation of your case as long as you need. 

Advantages of Hiring a Forensic Investigator 

If you find yourself in a challenging situation after being charged with a crime or involved in accidents, it’s essential to consider hiring a forensic investigator. You might need to advertise job alerts to find a reliable one. As already emphasized, you need this professional to gather evidence to resolve your case or minimize any liability involved. The role of this investigator can make or break your case. Here are the advantages of having one on your side: 


There is no assurance that the police investigation will be carried out fairly. If you are skeptical about this process, the smart move would be hiring an independent forensic investigator who can offer impartiality. In some instances, having an unbiased voice involved is exactly what you need to get the job done correctly. For example, when one employee is accused of a crime by another, hiring an outside agency can eliminate any appearance of bias towards any party. This would ensure that any investigation is conducted relatively without clouding any evidence that may be discovered. 


Forensic investigators have undergone rigorous training in their field. This means that they can guarantee almost all the time that the investigation is carried out with a high level of expertise. You can rely on this professional when you have vital evidence to gather and resolve a case. There are many fields in forensic investigation, including forensic engineering and forensic psychology, which you can tap whenever your situation demands. But as you look for the right investigator, make sure that you also do your background check. Focus on knowing the competence and reputation of your prospects in carrying out the job. 


Not all forensic investigators have the same level of competence. Each one has a different length of experience in the field. This experience is a good indicator that the professional can handle the investigation to lead to the immediate resolution of the case. As a client, it is essential to look for a forensic investigator with years of experience in the professional service through a job alert or other means. It will give you a guarantee that all procedures will be followed accordingly, and results will be given within a reasonable time frame. You have to look at the portfolio for this purpose.

Types of Evidence Gathered by Forensic Investigator 

A critical competency that a forensic investigator must possess is gathering and analyzing different types of evidence. Many types of evidence help this professional make decisions during the case. The first rule is that evidence must be relevant to the investigation. While some types of evidence are not admissible in court, they can be valuable to the investigator in reaching a conclusion or resolving the issue. 

Direct Evidence

This evidence establishes a fact and includes eyewitness confessions and testimonies. It does not require a person to make any inferences or presumptions as to proof. A jury can conclude a key fact happened simply by believing a witness. Examples of direct evidence include a person testifying that he saw an accused commit a crime or observed specific incidents take place.

Circumstantial Evidence

Also known as indirect evidence, circumstantial evidence requires inference on behalf of the judge or jury. This is based on a series of facts separate from the fact the argument is trying to prove. For example, fingerprints or hair fibres suggest that someone was at the crime scene. While this is not always strong evidence, it can be relevant in any investigation. 

Physical Evidence

It’s a non-living and inorganic material like fingerprints, firearms, and bullets. This type of evidence is also known as tangible evidence that can be presented in court as an exhibit of a physical object, described in the text, audio or video, or referred to in documents. They can also be found in digital forensics.

Forensic Evidence

Experts also call this scientific evidence that includes DNA, ballistic reports, and trace evidence that can provide proof to establish a person’s guilt or innocence. This evidence is generally considered reliable evidence, helping to convict criminals and resolve cases fairly. 

Testimonial Evidence

Whatever is said by a competent witness in court constitutes testimonial evidence. It’s one of the most common forms of evidence that’s either spoken or written given by a witness under oath. This evidence can be gathered in court, at a disposition or through an affidavit. 

Associative Evidence

Any evidence linking a suspect to a scene at a given time is called associative evidence. This may include blood and bodily fluids, fingerprints, hair, weapons, and fibres. These may be gathered from carpeting at the scene, soil, fragments, and other trace evidence. 

Important Note: 

Forensic experts may want to gather many other types of evidence from the crime or accident scene and then analyze it to help law firms resolve the case. It helps to cooperate throughout the investigation to expedite the process and collect all the available information. 

Building Collapse: Who Should You Call? 

If you’re a property owner and encounter a building collapse, you might be facing severe legal consequences. When this accident resulted in injury, death, or damage to properties, it entails liability. But it doesn’t mean that you are considered liable outrightly. This incident would still have to be investigated for the possible cause that can exonerate you or mitigate your responsibility.

The right professional to hire when you’re involved in this catastrophe is a forensic engineer. This expert can act as an explosion investigator to gather evidence and conduct analysis to determine the cause of structural failure and even acts of terrorism if there are any. Any evidence collected from the scene can be used in litigation to reach a fair court resolution. 

Why Choose Roar Engineering?

There are hundreds of forensic investigators in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It might be challenging to find the most reputable company to work with. It would be best if you always looked at the experience and reputation in the industry. When you decide to hire Roar Engineering, there’s a guarantee that your case will be resolved fairly and amicably.

Our team is composed of engineers and support staff who have a cohesive and multi-disciplinary approach to forensic investigations. We follow the latest scientific theories and technology to form every engineering opinion to help resolve the case.

Roar Engineering has a reputation for providing thorough and unbiased forensic engineering analysis and other services. We have proven court experience and can confidently litigate as our opinions are based on science and factual evidence. 

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