Mechanical & Biomechanical

Our engineers are highly skilled in analyzing components and systems to determine the cause of a mechanical failure and ascertain compliance with regulatory codes and industry standards. A biomechanical analysis includes the most recent and relevant scientific knowledge in the areas of human injury mechanisms, thresholds, and prevention. Our experts review medical reports to ensure that claimed injuries can be explained by the biomechanics of the accident.

Types of investigations
  • Heavy equipment and machinery failures
  • Pipe, valve and vessel ruptures
  • Sprinkler system failures
  • Fixed suppression and kitchen hood equipment failures
  • Industrial and commercial equipment and appliance failures
  • Marine, agricultural and construction equipment failures
  • Engine failures
  • Railway operational failures
  • Automotive, diesel truck and motorcycle failures
  • Stress / wear / fatigue / overload / corrosion component failure analysis
  • Furnace, boiler and HVAC malfunctions
  • Crane, scaffolding, ladder and elevator failures
  • Shipping and transportation damage


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