Feb 08, 2020

Meet Denis Gagnon

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Roar is very excited to welcome Denis Gagnon to our team! Here are some questions we asked him to get to know him a little better:

Q – Tell us a bit about yourself: Where are you from? What are your interests and hobbies?
A – I was born and raised in northern Ontario. My work life began with pressure welding and machining.
This work was followed by a fine arts career as a free-lance painter, the completion of an engineering
degree and the pursuit of a career in forensic engineering.

Q –  Why did you choose to study engineering?
A – A desire to explore the relationship between art and science and to unite both.

Q -What made you choose Roar, and what do you look forward to the most in your job?
A – The opportunity for continued growth and for working collaboratively and creatively with professionals
of multi-disciplines.

Q -What’s your favourite vacation spot?
A – Canada

Q – A quote you live by?
“I neither know nor think that I know” Plato’s account of Socrates

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