Meet Michael McQuaid

Article by: Vincent Rochon, P.Eng, CVFI and Dylan Rochon, CVFI

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Roar is very excited to welcome Michael McQuaid to our Structural Engineering team! Michael is a graduate of McMaster University who is eager to advance his career in forensic engineering and start taking on claims! Here are some questions we asked Michael to get to know him a little better:

Q – Tell us a bit about yourself: Where are you from? What are your interests and hobbies?
A – I was born and raised in Clinton, Ontario a small town by Lake Huron. I am an avid film and TV viewer and regularly keep up with the new trailers and posts about upcoming ones. I also enjoy woodworking.

Q –  Why did you choose to study engineering? Why McMaster University?
A – I enjoy building things but I am also very curious about how things work, so engineering seemed like a perfect fit. I chose McMaster University to complete my degree because they had a well-developed engineering program.

Q – Tell us a little about your job: what your duties are, your favourite parts about it…Could you describe day in the life of you?
A – I am a Civil Engineer with Roar Engineering. My duties include assessing and documenting property damage from such things as fires, vehicle impacts, ground movement, etc., or determining the cause of damages/failures of structural and geotechnical systems. Once assessed, I complete designs in accordance with the applicable codes to repair the damages. My favourite part about this job is that everything is a little different, so never a dull day.

Q – What made you choose Roar, and what do you look forward to the most in your job?
A – I chose Roar as forensic engineering is a very unique and interesting field to be part of. The company will allow me to further expand my knowledge and experience, benefiting my career and clients. I look forward to all the interesting projects and assisting clients.

Q – What shows are you currently binging?
A – Elementary and Mindhunter, you got to love a good mystery!

Q – What’s your favourite vacation spot?
A – The Galapagos Islands.

Q – A quote you live by?
A – “It is what it is.”

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