Meet Mona Salimi

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Roar is very excited to welcome Mona Salimi to our team! Mona is a graduate of Shahid Bahonar University who is eager to advance her career in structural engineering! Here are some questions we asked Mona to get to know her a little better:

Q – Tell us a bit about yourself: Where are you from? What are your interests and hobbies?
A – I was born and raised in Iran. I love visiting new countries and exploring their diverse cultural offerings. I’m also an avid Rock music fan and have a passion for luxury cars.

Q –  Why did you choose to study engineering? 
A – It runs in the family! My dad was my inspiration to study Civil Engineering as he was a builder back home.

Q – What made you choose Roar, and what do you look forward to the most in your job?
A – Roar will allow me to further expand my knowledge and experience, benefiting my career and clients. I look forward to all the interesting projects and assisting clients.

Q – What’s your favourite vacation spot?
A – Europe.

Q – A quote you live by?
A -“I can get what I desire.”

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