Roar Engineering Expands Operations to British Columbia!

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Roar Engineering is excited to announce that it is expanding its Fire and Explosion Investigation operations into British Columbia with the hiring of Matthew C. Wood, Professional Engineer.

Matthew formerly worked for the owners of Roar Engineering in Ontario before taking a sabbatical to pedal across Canada and down to Mexico before settling in Vancouver and starting a family. With his son beginning school, Matthew is excited to return to the field and offer British Columbians the quality forensic services that our Ontario clients trust and rely on. Matthew has the technical knowledge and years of experience required to accurately analyze complex fire and explosion incidents. All of his investigations are based on NFPA 921, ‘Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations’ and sound engineering practice. Roar Engineering conducts thorough investigations with meticulous documentation of physical evidence from the scene, followed by concise reporting. We eagerly look forward to receiving BC assignments.

Feel free to contact Matthew to discuss our services.

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