Our structural experts scope the extent of damage caused by fire, explosion, ice damming, water damage, wind damage, snow load, vehicle impact and ground movement/vibration. We also have specialized knowledge of building envelope issues such as leakage, seepage and geotechnical engineering. We ensure that building codes and standards have been addressed before design plans and specifications to rebuild and/or repair the building are completed. We provide litigation support for legal and quasi-legal proceedings including expert witness testimony.
Our engineers also have experience with construction management and site supervision. When construction is delayed, the cost of construction normally goes up. We can provide expert analysis of costs associated with construction delays.
Types of Investigations
  • Commercial, residential, institutional, assembly and industrial building assessments
  • Damage caused by wind, hail, rain and snow
  • Building collapse and/or movement analysis
  • Structural plans and specifications for rebuild/repair
  • Building envelope assessments & moisture management
  • Property damage and building defect assessments
  • Building codes and standards compliance
  • Geotechnical and mining assessments
  • Construction dispute resolution
  • Preparation / assessment of construction claims
  • Schedule delay / disruption analysis
  • Assessing the impact of changes or additions to scope
  • Lost productivity assessments

Experts In This Field